The debut album from Cavalera Conspiracy is entitled Inflikted and it will be available internationally on March 24th, 2008 and in the United States on March 25th, 2008. Recording took place this past July at Undercity Studios in Los Angeles, California with Logan Mader (former Machine Head guitarist) and Lucas Banker of the Dirty Icon production team. Also, Rex Brown (Pantera, Down) cameos on bass on "Ultra-Violent", and another track features a collaboration with Max, Joe and Richie Cavalera (Incite) all on vocals. “Conspiracy theorists, watch out: the reunion of the Cavalera-clan destroys - or: thrashes - all prejudices in thousand pieces. The extremely phat production, the song writing between "Arise" and "Chaos A.D." with many new ideas, e.g. in the vocals for "The doom of all fires", as well as the epic finale of "Bloodbrawl" will instantly kidnap you. The old aggression, the speed with Hardcore-elements ("Hex", "Never trust"), and the Max-imum Thrash-voice is back. The Cavaleras will get everybody back on board who prefers to swim since "Roots" and Soulfly. "Inflikted" and "Sanctuary" have the magic Sepultura-groove before the world music break. Slight Tribal-rhythms come up in the ultra heavy "Terrorize" (less) and "Dark ark" (more). Bass player, Joe Duplantier (Gojira), is adding his roars in the latter as well as in the massive monotony-killer, "Ultra violent". Facing Max'' killer riffs and the abnormally ingenious, melodic solos of Marc Rizzo (Soulfly, ex-Ill Nino), Andreas Kisser will fade for envy.” (EMP) “While the name is far from original, this band is very exciting, invigorating, and uncompromising. Unless you have been hiding in a cave on the lamb with Bin Laden, you know that this band is the reunion of Igor and Max Cavalera, founding members of the Brazilian death metal band Sepultura. Inflikted isn’t metalcore or anything that is trendy; it’s just what you’d expect from the Cavalera siblings, and let me tell you it’s a joyous occasion. Igor and Max are back in full force, and they slash through the 11 tracks on Inflikted. For those that need comparisons, Inflikted sounds like a cross between Chaos A.D. era Sepultura, with its tribal beats and subtle middle-eastern flavors, and the stripped down organic sound of Soulfly’s Dark Ages. It’s the perfect storm-type balance of the classic sound and current metal. Along for the ride with the Cavaleras are co-producer and former Machine Head and Soulfly guitarist Logan Mader, Soulfly bandmate Marc Rizzo on guitar, and Gorjia’s Joe Duplantier on bass, along with guest Rex Brown on “Ultra-Violent.” From start to finish, Inflikted is a groove heavy, death metal thrash album will make you stop demanding a Sepultura reunion, because if it doesn’t happen ever, this band will do. Max has never sounded so irate, and there is a sense of urgency on this album that I haven’t heard from Max since Beneath The Remains. I have been anticipating Inflikted for months, and now that I have heard it, it definitely did not disappoint. The standout tracks are "Inflikted," "Sanctuary," and "Dark Arc." Come join the tribe. It''s combat rock in 2008, Brazilian-style.” ( TRACKLISTING: 01. INFLIKTED 02. SANCTUARY 03. TERRORIZE 04. BLACK ARK 05. ULTRA-VIOLENT 06. HEX 07. THE DOOM OF ALL FIRES 08. BLOODBRAWL 09. NEVERTRUST 10. HEARTS OF DARKNESS 11. MUST KILL

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