Do Androids dream of electric sheep? Does the tinman hide a heart somewhere inside his metallic cavity? And how human can a machine actually be? Questions like these make up the fascinating universe of THE GIRL & THE ROBOT, a German-Swedish Electro collaboration that has set out to merge the warmth of human emotions with the calculating reservation of synthetic intelligence to create a modern electronic fairytale. As a first result of this prolific companionship between machine man Deadbeat and the personified temptation Plastique, the duo offers the double feature single “Whole/Flowers” on which it effortlessly wanders the thin red line between unleashed passion and classy confidentiality. Plastique’s voice is as seductive and intoxicating as the aura of the tantalizing singer herself, sweeping over the songs like a lascivious kiss that would even turn an emotionless robot into a hot-blooded lover. This eye and sense opening feeling can be experienced over and over again on the debut double feature “Whole/Flowers”, whose warming vocals break the synthetically caused coolness like icicles melting in the warming sun of spring, thereby creating hypnotizing and vibrant Electro dew drops. One thing is certain: Even an Android will only dream of Plastique’s beauty henceforth after having laid eyes on her alluring form and having listened to her conjuring voice for one single moment. THE GIRL & THE ROBOT unite COVENANT’s elegance with CLIENT’s sexy style, with melancholic tracks like “Howling Winter” also pledging allegiance to the solitary soundscapes of LADYTRON or RÖYKSOPP. As a result, the atmosphere of a nocturnal metropolis merges with a soft longing to create a gripping listening experience that even transcends the boundaries of the named artists: On “Whole/Flowers”, the Scandinavian robot and his long-legged beauty convey the message that the seemingly paradoxical similarity between girl and robot only exists in our heads. Humans or machines… aren’t we all creatures searching for comfort, freedom and love? Strictly limited to 1.000 copies, the digipak single “Whole/Flowers” turns this search into a collective odyssey, steering to new electronic horizons by combining heart and artificiality into an impressive momentum. With remixes by DIE PERLEN and JAVELYNN FATE (the new project of former ASHBURY HEIGHTS stunner Yasmine Uhlin) on board, THE GIRL & THE ROBOT head for the future, entering a new era of the relationship between man and machine. Tracks: 01 Whole 02 Flowers 03 Howling Winter 04 I don''t care 05 Whole - remix by Die Perlen 06 Flowers - remix by Javelynn Fate

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